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👥 Joined Gojek Logistics team on Dec 2020 as an Engineering manager. I was entrusted with managing a team of 8+ engineers who had the crucial responsibility of building and delivering a platform to support the company’s Logistics business. Our goal was to create a robust and efficient system that would enhance the overall logistics operations.

🤝 In this role, I closely collaborated with business and product stakeholders to define the roadmap and set objectives and key results (OKRs) for the logistics group. I recognized the need for an optimized routing system and a platform to streamline fleet utilization, which would contribute to reducing the overall cost of package delivery.

🏗️ I took the lead in architecting and implementing the optimal routes and fleet utilization platform. This involved conducting in-depth analysis of Vehicle Routing Problem and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to design a solution that would maximize efficiency and minimize costs. I coordinated with my team to allocate resources appropriately and ensure smooth execution of the project. Additionally, I fostered open communication and collaboration within the team to encourage innovation and cross-functional problem-solving.

✨ Through the successful implementation of the optimized routes and fleet utilization platform, we achieved exceptional results. The cost of package delivery was reduced by an impressive 33%, leading to substantial cost savings for the company. Furthermore, the enhanced efficiency of the logistics operations resulted in improved customer satisfaction and increased business growth. Our efforts were recognized by both internal stakeholders and customers, reinforcing Gojek’s position as a leader in the logistics industry.

Key Responsibilities

  • Architecting, Design & Code Review
  • Hiring, Mentoring & Growing Team
  • Collaboration & Coordination
  • Capacity Planning (People & Infrastructure)

Tech Stacks

  • Micro Service Architecture
  • Backend Services built using Java & Golang
  • Python for solving Vehicle Routing Problem
  • RabbitMQ and Kafka used for async communication
  • Google Cloud Services as Cloud provider

Product References

GoSend API
GoSend SameDay Service