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After gaining a lot of experience during my entrepreneurship journey, took an opportunity to join Traveloka’s early stage India team as an Engineering Lead.

🌍 I played an instrumental role in setting up the Traveloka’s Xperience Supply platform, which aimed to cater to attractions and activities inventories from multiple geographies covering South East Asia, Europe and Australia. The goal was to create a centralized system that would streamline inventory management and enhance user experience.

📊 Recognizing the need for a more efficient inventory management system, my objective was to build a new platform that could significantly decrease the product onboarding time from days to minutes. Additionally, I was entrusted with the responsibility of hiring and mentoring a culturally and technically diverse team of high-performing engineers located in both India and Indonesia.

🔧 To achieve our objectives, I led the design and development of the new inventory management system. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I identified the pain points in the existing onboarding process and implemented streamlined workflows and automation along with my Senior fellow Engineers. Leveraging my expertise in technology and project management, I created a scalable and user-friendly platform that allowed for quick and seamless integration of multi-lingual attractions and activities inventories across globe.

👥 Simultaneously, I actively engaged in the recruitment and mentoring process, ensuring the team comprised talented engineers who possessed both technical prowess and a cultural understanding.

✨ The implementation of the Xperience Supply platform and the new inventory management system yielded remarkable results. The product onboarding time was significantly reduced < 60 minutes, enabling faster and more efficient integration of inventories. This led to an enhanced user experience, as customers could access a broader range of offerings in a shorter timeframe. The platform’s success further strengthened the Traveloka’s position in the market even during the Covid19 times, attracting new partnerships and boosting revenue.

Key Responsibilities

  • Setting up new team in Bangalore
  • Hiring, Mentoring & Growing Team
  • Building MVP and converting it to a real product
  • Stake holder management

Tech Stacks

  • Backend Services built using Java Spring Boot
  • Postgres and S3 as datastores
  • Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) as Cloud provider
  • Simple queuing Service SQS for background processing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for moderating activites and attractions product data

Product References

Traveloka Xperience